To our esteemed guests and gracious hosts,

We are embarking on a great adventure. Like most who begin a risky endeavor we have been told that what we are doing is a headlong rush into uncertainty and that we will most likely fall off the edge of the map. But we, the founders, have a vision. Not delusions of grandeur or dreams of fabulous wealth, we do not believe we are on a course that will make a difference and change the world. Our vision for Spbnb is to build a vast community of hosts and guests who believe in the kindness of, and service to, strangers. If you have joined Spbnb as a host or use it as a guest, you share in our vision.

You may be asking yourself: why would two Americans bother trying to build a company in Russia? Surely there are plenty of opportunities in America, to come to Russia from America seems to defy conventional logic. Normally this would be correct. However, we have a history in Russia. When we arrived in the cold north of Saint Petersburg neither of us had lived outside of our own country for more than a decade. We neither spoke the language, nor had any connections outside of university. Both of us lived with Russian families. It was this experience of complete isolation from our culture, our language, and our home that caused us to accept our Russian families as our own. While America is our homeland, Russia adopted us and we were shown every kindness and given every opportunity to advance ourselves in this new culture and language. As a result one of us even married a Russian.   

So, we are coming back to Russia. We are coming back to the place that accepted us and taught us a new way of living. We were the strangers in a rough and difficult place. But, in many ways it feels like we are coming home, and the people most responsible for this are you guests and hosts. Without you our futures are shrouded from view. For your help and participation in this great project, we extend our deepest gratitude. We consider it our deepest privilege and honor to return to serve the people who once served us so well. We hope you will all continue to share in our vision.

From your founders and friends,

                                                                    Andrew Sexton                                                            Joshua Elliott

                President | Spbnb Inc.                                           Vice President | Spbnb Inc.