Host Safely

How Spbnb protects hosts

We’ve taken extensive measures to help keep you, your home, and your guests safe.

Host great guests

Fair two-way reviews

To help build trust and reputation on Spbnb, guests and hosts review each other after each reservation is complete.

Before hosting a guest, you can check out their reviews from other hosts.

Requirements to book

You can require that every guest provide identification to Spbnb before booking with you. You’ll also have the opportunity to review reservations in advance or add extra controls over who can book.

As a further check, every Spbnb reservation is scored for risk and we cancel any bookings that appear suspicious.

Easy guest communication

If you want to ask questions or set expectations before a stay, you can get to know guests in advance using our secure messaging tool.

Your space, your rules

To help set expectations, you can add House Rules that guests have to agree to before booking, for example restrictions on smoking and events.

If a guest breaks one of these rules once they’ve booked, you can cancel the reservation.

What can you require from all guests?

Verified phone number

Agreement to your House Rules

Government ID

Positively reviewed by another host

A message from the guest

Host with confidence

$1,000,000 property damage protection

In the rare case of property damage, Spbnb’s Host Guarantee provides free protection of up to $1,000,000 USD in property damage for every booking, every time.

Claims can be filed directly through our Resolution Center.

Insurance against accidents

Spbnb provides free Host Protection Insurance covering liability claims up to $1,000,000 USD. This insurance is for the unlikely event that someone files a lawsuit or claim against you for bodily injury or property damage that occurs in a listing, or on your property, during a stay.

Completely free coverage

Automatically applies to every reservation

Claims can be filed directly through Spbnb

We're here for you 24/7

What our team can do for you

Our global team is standing by 24/7 to support you and your guests by phone, email, and live chat.

Rebooking assistance



Host Guarantee and insurance claims


Your questions answered

What is required of guests before booking?

We ask everyone who uses Spbnb for a few pieces of information before they travel with us. Guests need to have this info completely filled out before they can make a reservation request. This info helps make sure you know who to expect, and how to contact the guest.

Spbnb’s requirements for guests include:

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Confirmed phone number

  • Introductory message

  • Agreement to your House Rules

  • Payment information

Guests are expected, but not required, to have a profile picture. You may also require guests to provide ID before booking your space.

How do reviews work?

All the reviews on Spbnb are written by hosts and travelers from our community, so any review you see is based on a stay that a guest had in a host's listing.

You have 14 days after checkout to write a review for a stay and you can edit your review for up to 48 hours after submitting, unless your guest completes their review. Once you both complete your reviews, or 14 days goes by, the reviews are published.

You can find your reviews from guests at any time and when you get booked by a guest, you can check out their reviews from past hosts.

What do I do if a guest breaks something in my place?

If a guest breaks something and you need to make a claim, you can do so in our Resolution Center within 14 days of your guest’s checkout date or before the next guest checks in, whichever is earlier.

If your guest agrees to the amount you requested, we'll release your payout in 5-7 business days.

If your guest declines or doesn't respond within 72 hours, you can involve Spbnb in the case. If we require additional documentation, you'll have 72 hours to provide this documentation.

Most claims will be resolved within one week. We'll make sure you and your guest are represented fairly, and if we determine you're owed money, we'll send it to you in a separate payout.

What should I do if I'm uncomfortable hosting someone?

If a guest is breaking one of the House Rules you’ve set or has made you feel unsafe through their actions, you can decline their reservation request or cancel the reservation.

Before you've accepted a reservation

You can decline an individual reservation request and it won't negatively impact your listing's placement in search results. If you decline many or most reservation requests, your search result placement may be negatively impacted.

After you've accepted a reservation

If you've already accepted the reservation, you can cancel it. You may be subject to cancellation penalties if the guest hasn’t broken any House Rules.

What’s the difference between Spbnb's Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance?

The Host Guarantee is designed to protect you in rare instances of property damage to your own possessions, unit, or home by a guest staying in the space. Host Protection Insurance is designed to protect you in the event that someone else (for example, a guest) claims bodily injury or property damage. The Host Guarantee isn’t insurance and doesn’t replace your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Host Protection Insurance is insurance and is available to you regardless of your other insurance arrangements. It will only act as primary insurance coverage for incidents related to an Spbnb stay.