Make Money Hosting

How you make money on Spbnb

With Spbnb, enjoy a painless payment system, low fees, and freedom over what you charge.


Get paid your way—by methods like Paypal, direct deposit, or others depending on your location.

List your space for free

You can advertise your home to millions of travelers with no strings attached—no sign-up charges or membership fees.

Receive a booking

Spbnb charges each guest before arrival to ensure you’ll always get paid on time when you host. You never have to handle money directly.

Get paid after check-in

Spbnb typically releases your money about 24 hours after the guest is scheduled to arrive to make sure check-in goes smoothly.

How do our fees compare?


Transaction Fees

Host Listing Fees

Guest Stay Fees





























A great price, every night

Trusted pricing advice

What you charge is always up to you.

If you want some help, we have tools that match your prices with demand, ensuring a great price for every night.

Extra money for services

You can require additional fees upfront for things like extra guests or house cleaning.

And if you want to provide other services, such as equipment rental or a tour, guests can pay you through the app for those after they book.

Custom to your needs

You can set custom prices for seasons, weekends, and any other nights where you want to control what you charge.

You can also provide weekly and monthly discounts for people who are looking to stay a while.

Your questions answered

How much does it cost to list my space?

Signing up for Spbnb and listing your home is completely free.

Once you receive a reservation, we charge an Spbnb service fee for hosts, generally 5%, to help cover the cost of running of the business.

How do I figure out how much I’ll get paid?

The payout you’ll receive is your nightly rate minus the host service fee, which is generally 5%.

Guests pay a service fee to Spbnb in addition to the cost of your listing, which is why the total price guests see is higher than your payout.

Here are some things that can impact your payout:

Your weekly discount or monthly discount may have been applied to the reservation;

Weekend pricing or custom pricing may have been applied to the reservation;

Where applicable, Value-added tax (VAT) may be added on top of the Spbnb service fee.

How can Spbnb help me with setting prices?

Spbnb’s Smart Pricing tool lets you set your prices to automatically go up or down based on changes in demand for listings like yours.

You’re always responsible for your price, so Smart Pricing is controlled by other pricing settings you choose, and you can adjust nightly prices any time.

Smart Pricing is based on the type and location of your listing, the season, demand, and other factors (like events in your area).

When can I expect to get paid?

Spbnb typically releases your payout about 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in time. The time it takes for the funds to arrive in your account depends on the method you choose to get paid.

If your guest is staying for 28 or more nights, Spbnb typically releases the payout for the first month about 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in time. Additional payouts for that reservation are released monthly.

If you're a new host, we may hold your payouts for 30 days after your first reservation is confirmed. If your first reservation is more than 30 days away, your payout will be released 24 hours after your guest's scheduled check-in. This will apply to any payouts scheduled to be released during those 30 days.

How should I choose my listing’s price?

The price you charge for your listing is completely up to you. To help you decide, you can search for comparable listings in your city or neighborhood to get an idea of market prices.

Additional Fees

  • Cleaning fee 

  • You can either incorporate a cleaning fee into your nightly price or you can add a cleaning fee in your pricing 

  • settings.

  • Other fees 

  • To charge extra fees outside of your rates (like a late checkin or pet fee), you must first disclose these potential 

  • charges to guests prior to booking and then use our Resolution Center to securely request payment for additional fees.

How do taxes work for hosts?

You’ll want to check with your local government about whether or not taxes needs to be collected from guests. If you determine that you need to collect a tax, you can usually either add it within a Special Offer when guests book or ask your guests to pay it in person. In each case, it's important that guests are informed of the exact tax amount prior to booking. If you choose to collect tax

outside of your listing's rates, it should be collected only upon arrival. We aren’t able to assist with or ensure collection.

In some locations, Spbnb hosts may have a collect and remit feature available to handle occupancy tax. Hosts should not collect occupancy taxes separately for those jurisdictions.

Also, in some locations, Value Added Tax (VAT) may apply.