Spbnb Meetups

Spbnb is made for hosts

Here’s how we’re building a more engaged community of hosts

We sponsor meetups for Spbnb hosts

We want to make it easier for property owners in Russia to get to know one another and expand their professional and personal networks. Our goal is to give those hosting guests in their properties a network to rely on for support and guidance.

As we continue to grow

As our host network inevitably expands into other Russian cities such as Moscow, so will our community of hosts. As our platform user base continues to grow, Spbnb will be sponsoring weekly host-only meetups in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Learn from the best

You and hosts can use our sponsored meetups to learn useful information about what it means to host your property using Spbnb, in addition to being one of our first 500 hosts who receive stock shares of our American C Corporation, Spbnb Inc.

Don’t miss out

Follow us on social media @spbnbinc to learn more about when and where our weekly host meetups take place. Invite your friends and neighbors to come to learn more about what it means to be a part of the Spbnb community of hosts.